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New type of concealed provider domains and other information

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작성자 Tammara
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V3 hidden products and services

With numerous persons questioning why all the shorter v2 hidden support domain names stopped performing, we will consider to demonstrate this in this small but thorough report.

So what does an .onion identify do?

It will let you connect to a hidden web site on the Tor network. But in buy for that to function, the hidden web-site has to authenticate possession of the hidden sites area to the Tor community.

Now the difficulty with the limited area names was, that the cryptographic power of the fundamental math behind them was not strong sufficient.

The prolonged domain names have a more complex cryptography guiding them and are therefore additional protected and harder to spoof.

The know-how of the Tor community also got upgraded and servers running the v3 domains have a improved DDOS security and other advantages.

The Tor task appears to be to continue on to boost the concealed web site network, immediately after a long time of not accomplishing significantly to help admins of concealed providers to mitigate DDOS assaults or deanonymization tries.

We switched to a new server all over again

As you might have found, in the latest weeks the web page of the Hidden Wiki was not as stable as it employed to be.

We have mitigated this and moved the web page to a new server with additional methods and more rapidly network.

We hope the downtime we had did not lead to far too substantially difficulties for any one.

And we will make absolutely sure that in the future we keep the website as steady as it was in the previous.

We would like to thank our supplier for
Some other information about back links on the Concealed Wiki

The dim world-wide-web is constantly shifting, and with it the Hidden Wiki.

We thus decided to drop the old v2 .onion web sites from the key website page.

Since the final Tor browser update, the old v2 internet sites are no more time supported and will end doing the job.

So it can make no sense to list them anymore.

We will as an alternative include extra new concealed products and services in the long term, so verify back again from time to time.


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