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Silk Highway 2 bought shut down and proprietor "Defcon" arre…

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작성자 Erin
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Today is a unfortunate day for everyone making use of the onionland.

Silk Road 2 just got shut down and the owner "Defcon", genuine identify Blake Benthall, bought arrested.

Some crucial info:

– Blake Benthall aka Defcon was the operator of SR2 since december 2013, when the SR2’s Dread Pirate Roberts (Not Ross Ulbricht) remaining SR2.

– The FBI uncovered out the physical place of the SR2 server, by however unfamiliar signifies, and had law enforcement in some other country make a mirror of the SR2 server.

– Blake was renting the server applying his personal title, with his own own e-mail account.

– FBI uncovered evidence that he cashed out around $200k us applying exchanges and pre-ordered a Tesla S for $140k us, all working with that exact same e-mail.

– When he was below surveillance, Blake usually still left his residence or hotel at the identical time Defcon logged off the SR2 community forums.

– He was using some strange Browser / OS combo which they located on his laptop computer and logfiles on SR2 ended up displaying that Defcon was utilizing precisely that combo.

For those who have just about any concerns relating to in which in addition to how you can use hidden wiki, it is possible to call us on our page. Appears like the SR2 operator was not only not as poethic as Ross Ulbricht (SR1 Owner) but also alot less smart, they had alot far more tough law enforcement perform to do to come across Ross about a year ago.

The only really interessting detail about this information imho is, how did they discover the server?

And who will open SR3 or will the Silk Street brand just vanish with no new Dread Pirate Roberts in seight?


Appears like this could be a big operation with Many arrests all around the world.

The pursuing websites appear to be to be verified as seized as well:


Cloud nine

although Pandora, BlueSky and Alpaca are also down.


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